Fragrance and Body

Mies – Locally, handmade products, made with all-natural ingredients. If you need to change the products in your home, start with MIES, your body will thank you!

Boervrou – Boervrou has soft, nourishing creams, soap that nourishes your skin while you bath, boerseep that is made in the old traditional way that can remove even the toughest stains and more. These products are locally handmade by a farmer in Klerksdorp who only uses natural ingredients.

Madame Luna – Each Madame Luna candle is delicately blended to create unique and elegant fragrances. A local specialised candle pourer carefully hand-pours each and every one of our varied and distinctly fragranced candles to fill your home or work space with the perfect balance of smells.

jE living – Wide variety of fragrance oils that freshen up any room, wardrobe or car. Fragrances such as Sophia (Floral Bouquet with Mysterious Spicy undertones) are available.

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