Tulips & Tea
Wrap Carriers
The Tulips & Tea Baby Wrap Carrier is used to wear your baby. You can wear your baby in five different ways, depending on their age and weight (up to 10kgs!). Wearing your baby has several benefits for both baby and mom or even dad!
Benefits for mommy include promoting milk production, breastfeeding discreetly, having your hands free to continue with daily activities, improving your posture and most importantly having a happy and calm baby. My personal favourite is grocery shopping with my baby wrap carrier! You can’t push a trolley and a pram!

Carseat Covers
The NEOGEN Travel System Cover™ is the first of its kind with an unique “two way zipper”, empowering the parent to easily remove their child without having to remove the entire cover. The cover is quick to zip down to remove a fussy or crying baby. Zip up or down, depending on the weather conditions. An area of sight can be bigger or smaller, depending on the parents preference. The Tulips & Tea NEOGEN Travel System Cover™ is made from a breathable and durable cotton; and a must have accessory for any parent to assist them when traveling with a baby.

Tobbie & Co
Dummy Muncher Clips and Teethers
Our Muncher™  Teething Pacifier Clips are made from 100% food-grade silicone, that is BPA, Phthalates, Lead, Cadmium and PVC FREE. Our wooden beads are made from raw maple/beech wood.  The metal clips have a soft plastic insert so it will snap on & off easily and will not ruin clothing.